Data Entry Operator Resume Sample

A Data Entry Operator is the one enter the data and maintains the files and performs all related tasks in any origination. Even though the job is small, it has a very vital role in the functioning of the organization. And hence, there is a wide scope in the Data Entry Operator field. Here are… Read More »

Customer Service Representative Resume Sample

If you are looking for a Customer Service Representativejob and are in search for how to write a resume for the same, this is the right place to land. Customer Service Representatives are the personals that look after solving the user queries via call or via emails and sometimes personally. Hence, while applying for this… Read More »

Clerical Assistant Resume Sample

The Clerical Assistant is as important as the Clerical Officer or Clerical Manager. He is the one that looks after all the jobs related to Clerical Manager and makes sure that these tasks are performed on time. His contribution to the organization is priceless as he is involved in the smooth running of the organization.… Read More »

Transaction Analyst Resume Sample

Transaction Analyst works closely with member of executive committee and Chief Finance Officer (CFO) for various projects. These projects can be associated to acquisition & merging, achieving & initiating growth for the business, and outsourcing transactions. They have to make and maintain financial structures in MS Office Suite to show their results for the business’… Read More »

Sales Management Resume Sample

Sales management is general management of sales processes for clients or firm and the practical application of marketing and sales methods. These job positions are conducted by sales managers. The duties of sales managers are to set and attain sales goals, appoint and train sales executives, collect, plan, and analyze market & business info, and… Read More »

Quality Analyst Resume Sample

A quality analyst is accountable for supervising different processes and performing them in line with the protocols. He or she operates with the quality assurance team so as to verify the quality of end product with the help of software testing equipments. Quality Analyst spearheads the team in making comprehensive test strategies and plans on… Read More »

Plumber Resume Sample

A Plumber is an expert who is involved in solving issues associated to installation of fixtures for drainage, water systems, and gas. Plumbing is a skill needed in various places where people are present. This skill works as a lifeline for hospitals, homes, universities, colleges, institutions, hotels, and factories. The plumbing profile comprises repairing &… Read More »

Marketing Assistant Resume Sample

A Marketing Assistant operates with the marketing team and assists them to increase the sales of services and products of the firm. His job is to perform market research and gather info that can be employed for making marketing plans. Marketing Assistant is the person who manages daily administrative jobs, and has active participation in… Read More »

Lifeguard Resume Sample

A Lifeguard relates to the public, oversees safety, and protects them. A lifeguard must be physically fit in order to do so. In addition to this, you must also have a relevant experience in the field. Hence, while writing a resume for Lifeguard job, all you need to do is mention all those qualities. Even… Read More »

Chief Executive Officer Resume Sample

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to the BoD (Board of Directors) and is the top personnel of a firm. He synchronizes and oversees all managerial and oversees functions such as organizing, planning, direction, staffing, and control. He makes broad policy of the company, provides guidelines, delegates tasks, takes corrective action, and measures performance. Chief… Read More »