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By | March 13, 2019

Applying for a Professional Model job might sometime be hectic. This is frustrating when you have the talent but still not getting any opportunity. Hence, a perfect resume might help you a lot in this situation. Here are some tips that you need to mention.

While writing a resume for Professional Model, you need to mention your past job, be it the smallest one. If you have worked in any ad, contributed to any event in some way or the other, or acted as a side model in a fashion show, mention it in your resume. Also, mentioning other kinds of job such as managing events, scheduling meetings, and other such kinds of duties will add some weight to your resume.

In addition to this, recognition of your job in form of appreciation or awards will have a powerful impact on the potential employer. If you have acted in any skit or had a small role in any Series, do mention it. This will act as a catalyst for your resume, pacing the speed of you getting hired.

Last, but not the least, your resume must reflect your fashion sense. Hence, adding a portfolio of your pictures will also be useful.

116 9th Avenue Southwest
Puyallup, Washington
[email protected]


Disciplined Fashion Model skilled at catalog shoots. Possess good smile, skin and ‘real person’ appeal. Consummate professional with a hardworking attitude.


Hawk Ridge Elementary

Bachelor’s Degree

Graduated November 2012

Employment History

Apple Fashion Island

Professional Model

Newport Beach, CA

January 2015 – Present

  • Listened to direction from photographers and provided appropriate responses so key shots could be made.
  • Sat patiently for hair, makeup and styling.
  • Remained poised despite challenging environments and personality conflicts.
  • Took constructive criticism and used it to find ways to improve in appearance, attitude or skill.
  • Worked hard to keep body at correct size and level of fitness for client demands.
  • Followed designer guidelines for runway shows and presentations
  • Handled all field audio mixing for [Number] productions per week

Fashion Island

Professional Model

Newport Beach, VIC

February 2013 – December 2014

  • Aired popular weekly station contests that reached more than [Number] listeners
  • Led daily production meetings and weekly production calls
  • Oversaw casting and chose shot destinations
  • Announced station breaks and launched shows on the air, public service information, and commercials
  • Managed all music clearances and cue sheets in [Software Program]
  • Produced lifestyle and entertainment music, news reports, commercials, and videos

Professional Skills

  • [Type] modeling: Beginner
  • Makeup expertise: Competent
  • Teamwork and collaboration: Beginner
  • Fashion trend knowledge: Beginner
  • Taking direction: Intermediate
  • Acting familiarity: Competent
  • Physical fitness: Advanced
  • Proficient in [Skill]: Expert
  • Hairstyling: Intermediate
  • Grooming skills: Advanced
  • Flexible schedule: Advanced
  • Marketing and advertising: Intermediate
  • Proficient in photograph restoration: Advanced
  • Building museum relationships: Intermediate


  • Honorary volunteer Graphic Designer for [Foundation Name] in [Year].
  • Awarded by [School Name] for increasing class art budget.
  • Mentored [number] students from [name of school] on [technique].
  • Built a relationship with [Name of Gallery] to showcase pieces.

Commissioned by [individual or institution] to create [description of art].

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