Sales Management Resume Sample

By | March 12, 2019

Sales management is general management of sales processes for clients or firm and the practical application of marketing and sales methods. These job positions are conducted by sales managers. The duties of sales managers are to set and attain sales goals, appoint and train sales executives, collect, plan, and analyze market & business info, and implement & design sales plans.

A resume for Sales Management must show knowledge in tapping on customers’ requirements and demand, meeting sales quotas, organizing, planning, & overseeing sales operation, motivating sales team, and building relationship. In addition to this, the resume requires to offer data on the ability of candidate to promote, launch, and make brands out of goods. Hence, while writing a resume for this job, you must include the ability of solid communication skills. This will help boost the chances of securing the job. In addition to this, the resume must also contain any past reference that can vouch for you. This will help your resume highlight as compared to others.

In addition to this, mentioning any achievements and accomplishments from the earlier organization will also give a push in your job search. If you have any doubts regarding the resume, you can always refer to sample provided below.

1241 6th Avenue
Seattle, Washington
[email protected]


Results-oriented Sales Representative providing experience of [Number] years and achievement in overachieving sales goals. Skilled in expanding accounts and building strong pipelines. Aimed on offering superior service to print, online, and niche publication customers.


Frost Elementary Frostburg

Bachelor’s Degree

Graduated November 2012

Employment History

Tech Mahindra Pvt Ltd

Sales Management

Mareham le Fen, England

January 2015 – Present

  • Negotiated prices for products and freights to decrease overall costs by [Number]%.
  • Led market research to cement strategies, verify branding opportunities, and sustain a loyal user base.
  • Maintained and organized a customer database of over 600 clients nationwide.
  • Prepared company files and created support system to increase productivity and lower workload of account managers.
  • Designed a very profitable pipeline on the basis of various sales penetration methods.

Infosys Pvt Ltd

Sales Management

St. Cloud, Minnesota

February 2013 – December 2014

  • Managed a business book worth $[Amount] all over [Number] accounts.
  • Capitalized on emerging trends in customer preferences and [Industry] marketplaces when developing and implementing targeted solutions.
  • Addressed issues in a knowledgeable and proactive way to enhance and maintain client satisfaction.
  • Visited customer locations to determine needs, set up contracts and provide training.
  • Trained and coached a team of [Number] sales professionals focused on servicing [Type] accounts.

Professional Skills

  • Account oversight: Beginner
  • Staff management: Beginner
  • Mentoring and coaching: Competent
  • Self-motivated: Intermediate
  • Trade requirements: Advanced
  • Database management: Competent
  • Systems and software programs: Expert
  • Team training: Intermediate
  • Vendor management: Advanced
  • Cost reviewing: Intermediate


  • Increased sales [Number]% over [Timeframe].
  • Worked squarely with [clients, departments, management] to [action].
  • Supervised team of [Number] staff members.
  • Resolved product issue through consumer testing.
  • Kept track of and followed up expected orders from correspondence & court from opposing attorneys.

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