Professional Model Resume Sample

Applying for a Professional Model job might sometime be hectic. This is frustrating when you have the talent but still not getting any opportunity. Hence, a perfect resume might help you a lot in this situation. Here are some tips that you need to mention. While writing a resume for Professional Model, you need to… Read More »

Library Assistant Resume Sample

A Library Assistant is the one who helps the Librarian with all the jobs in hand. Hence, being punctual is the main quality that is sought after in this field. In addition to this, the Library Assistant also helps with various tasks. Here are some tips that you must while writing a resume for Library… Read More »

Librarian Resume Sample

The main job a Librarian is to look after all the tasks that are performed in a library. Today we will clear all your doubts about how to write a resume for a Librarian post. This is the right place for you to stop your search. Your Librarian resume must reflect your knowledge of how… Read More »

Human Resource Executive Resume Sample

A Human Resource Executive is the person who manages and resolves all the complaints and queries that employees have. In addition to this, he is also responsible for maintaining a happy work culture in the organization. Here are some tips that you should follow while applying for the Human Resource Executive job. While writing the… Read More »

Data Entry Specialist Resume Sample

A Data Entry Specialist is the one who specialize in data entry processes. He is well aware of different techniques and tricks that can make the job done in time and accurately. The Data Entry Specialist believes in smart work and not donkey work. Hence, he is well aware of all the process related to… Read More »

Customer Service Supervisor Resume Sample

A Customer Service Supervisor is the one who manages and looks after the Customer Service personals. The Customer Service department looks after solving all the queries that the clients or users have, thereby resolving their queries. The department sometimes (or rather most of the times) works for night shift. Hence, while applying for a Customer… Read More »

Clerical Officer Resume Sample

The Clerical Officer is the main in charge of the all the clerical jobs that are performed in any organization. He looks after the supplies that are essential for the smooth processing of the organization. Hence, employers looking for such personals in their organization seek for above mentioned qualities. If you are looking for a… Read More »

Branch Manager Resume Sample

The Branch Manager is the one who handles the processes and operations of a particular branch of the organization. Hence, there are lots of responsibilities that need to be performed by the Branch Manager. And if you are looking for a Branch Manager job, there are certain things that you should mention in your resume.… Read More »

Beginner Model Resume Sample

Starting a career in modeling might sometime be difficult. Hence, if you have an excellent resume, it can help you a lot and ease the process of getting you hired. This might ease the beginning process of you. Hence, a strong resume is a must for those looking to begin their career in modeling. Here… Read More »

Human Resources Recruiter Resume Sample

A Human Resources Recruiter is the one that looks after process of hiring in the organization. Right from conducting the interview call till the process of discussing your salary is done by Human Resources Recruiter. He does with the consent of Human Resources Manager and keeping by keeping him in the loop. If you are… Read More »