Data Entry Specialist Resume Sample

By | March 13, 2019

A Data Entry Specialist is the one who specialize in data entry processes. He is well aware of different techniques and tricks that can make the job done in time and accurately. The Data Entry Specialist believes in smart work and not donkey work. Hence, he is well aware of all the process related to this job. While applying to a job in this field, you need to keep below points in mind.

While writing the resume, precisely mention the different processes that you have worked on. This will give the potential employer an idea about your diverseness. In addition to this, do not forget to mention your educational qualification. Also a good command over communication also adds an extra point in your list and increases the odds of getting appointed.

Apart from all this, try to mention the past achievement. Also mention the appreciation that you have received from the upper management for your outstanding job. This will leave a long lasting effect on the potential employer. Moreover, a reference from the past company also adds the cherry on the cake. This will be the final touch to your resume. If you have any other issues while writing the resume, you can refer to the below sample any time.

1241 6th Avenue Manhattan
Puyallup, New York
[email protected]


Productive Data Entry Specialist offering [Number] years of exactness and effectiveness in related jobs. Anxious to contribute [Skill] and [Skill] to increase the value of the [Company name] group in a [Job Title] job.


Bay Head Elementary Bay Head

Bachelor’s Degree

Graduated November 2012

Employment History

ABC Pvt Ltd

Data Entry Specialist

Zain Alipur, Telangana

January 2015 – Present

  • Took inbound phone calls from technicians and sales representatives to take payments, verify customer credit, service existing accounts, and administer customer surveys
  • Apply data program techniques and procedures
  • Keeping the information confidential
  • Handled a high call volume while meeting or exceeding quality metrics

XYZ Pvt Ltd

Data Entry Specialist

Pittsburgh, PA

February 2013 – December 2014

  • Insert customer and account data by inputting text based and numerical information from source documents within time limits
  • Data manipulation in Excel spreadsheets
  • Kept track of and managed consumer accounts
  • Performed research throughout each day to try to generate new leads for the sales team

Professional Skills

  • Report drafting: Beginner
  • Log book maintenance: Competent
  • Information verification: Beginner
  • Performance management: Beginner
  • Compiling data: Intermediate
  • Word processing: Competent
  • Data verification: Advanced
  • Administrative support: Expert
  • Budgeting: Intermediate
  • Data entry: Advanced
  • Mail handling: Advanced
  • Inventory management: Intermediate
  • Technical support: Advanced
  • Records management: Intermediate


  • Responded to over [Number] customer inquiries each day
  • Recognized by customers and [Job Title] for expedient and effective service
  • Coordinated weekly project team meetings and drafted agendas to increase meeting efficiency
  • Implemented new, interactive employee scheduling system to monitor, gauge and project staffing needs
  • Investigated, identified, and reconciled account discrepancies totaling $[Amount] in company savings
  • Developed and implemented [Procedure description], which resulted in increased company efficiency and productivity
  • Managed daily schedules and sales leads for [Number] senior and junior loan officers

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