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Banking Resume

The banking sector comprises all jobs that are included in helping individuals or businesses manage their finances. This includes underwriting loan applications, cashing checks at a bank branch, or investing the money of a huge organization. Anyone who is seeking to advance their career in the banking sector will wish to make a professional as well as an impressive resume. It is necessary to know how to write resume for the banking sector.

While writing a resume one must be very careful. This is because a single mistake can cause a great damage to your impression, which you will be carrying to your grave. Hence, in order to help you out with this, we are going to show you how to build an ideal resume that will take your ship cross the ocean of challenges and land your anchor on the employer’s island.

What to Include in the Resume?

When it comes to building a resume for banking sector, it gets divided into three main categories, which you need to emphasize.

  1. Professional Skills
  2. Areas of Expertise
  3. Industry Certifications

In addition to this, you also need to specify the above points based on the type of job you are applying for. Jobs in banking industry can be segregated into two main types. The first includes those kinds of jobs where you need to interact with client (sometimes by visiting them). The second includes those types of jobs that need you to handle cash flow. Based on the above two types of jobs, you need to specify your skills.

The Summary

Summary statement is the ice breaker. You need to be honest and express your dedication. Do not show how much you need the job in your statement. In addition to this, strictly avoid using quotes. That does not reflect well for your image on the employer.

The Format

Now that you are known with the points to write in a resume, you need to decide the format of the resume. The format of resume can be either combination resume format, chronological resume format, or functional resume format.

The combination format is nothing but the mixture of chronological and functional resume format. The chronological resume format is the most common and most used format. It lists your work experience and work history in the reverse order, which is quite comfortable for the employer to go through your resume. The main aim of the functional resume format is to highlight your skills. Hence, if you are fresher, go for the functional resume format; or else you need to opt for chronological resume format.

Avoid These Mistakes

  • Do not crowd your resume with unnecessary data. Include only relevant data.
  • Use professional language. Keep in mind that you are building a resume and not writing a blog or a review. Language has an important role here.
  • Banking sector majorly prefer those candidates who have good communication skills. And people often miss out to mention this. Hence, do not forget to highlight communication skills in your skill set.
  • Proof read your resume before submitting. You can ask your friend to go through it once. In addition to this, you can also read your resume aloud. Minor grammatical errors cause a huge difference.
  • If you are fresher applying for the banking job, then internship and association with financial agencies and experts might increase your odds of getting selected.

The Conclusion

Summarizing the whole story here, we recommend you to be honest while writing your resume for banking sector. In the end, it is your honesty that counts, which has a great significance in the finance sector. If you know what we mean….

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