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By | March 13, 2019

A Library Assistant is the one who helps the Librarian with all the jobs in hand. Hence, being punctual is the main quality that is sought after in this field. In addition to this, the Library Assistant also helps with various tasks. Here are some tips that you must while writing a resume for Library Assistant job.

While writing the resume, firstly mention all the jobs and duties that you have performed at your past organization. This will give an insight to the potential employer. This will also represent your qualities. In addition to this, you must have a deep knowledge of the literature. This will help you in recognizing the books instantly as soon as a customer asks for one. You must also be able to work on different tasks, since you need to assist the Librarian.

Mentioning all these qualities will make your job half done and give a good start. Also mention your educational qualities. This is the quality that most of the employers look for. Try to mention “reading” as one of your hobbies. This will let the potential employer know your love for reading and books, which will make you an ideal fit for the job.

116 9th Avenue Southwest
Puyallup, Washington
[email protected]


Systematic Reference Librarian offering [Number]+ years of related experience. Skilled at supervising collections, students and user activities. Looking for a new professional position at [Library].


Hawk Ridge Elementary

Bachelor’s Degree

Graduated November 2012

Employment History

Library of Congress

Library Assistant

Washington, DC

January 2015 – Present

  • Boosted the expansion of library programs and collections in response to faculty and student special requests and needs
  • Placed books on their appropriate shelves when they were given back to circulation
  • Attained a strong knowledge of different techniques for cataloging other materials including books
  • Marketed the library’s many services to visitors and patrons through active communication
  • Organized a summer reading program for children between the ages of [Number] and [Number] that drew a positive response from the public
  • Assisted patrons with the library’s computers and provided information on logging onto the Internet

Library At The Dock

Library Assistant

Docklands, VIC

February 2013 – December 2014

  • Offered to assist patrons with any needs and issues and greeted them warmly.
  • Sorted and shelved an average of [Number] donated collections per [Time period].
  • Offered [Number] computer classes to students, faculty and staff each [Time period].
  • Increased the library’s collection by [Number]% in the course of [Number] years.
  • Instructed students on research techniques and the use of information technologies.

Professional Skills

  • Damaged book removal: Beginner
  • Cataloging and shelving: Competent
  • Collection development: Beginner
  • Knowledge of circulation procedures: Beginner
  • Fluent in [Language]: Intermediate
  • Customer service-oriented: Competent
  • Computer-savvy: Advanced
  • Web site design using [Platform Name]: Expert
  • Skilled researcher: Intermediate
  • Effective trainer: Advanced
  • Literary knowledge: Advanced
  • Works well independently: Intermediate
  • Certified School Librarian: Advanced
  • Skilled multi-tasker: Intermediate


  • Created [Number] sets of promotional materials for library services and programs using [Software program].
  • Secured a $[Amount] project grant to support the library’s [Program Name] program.
  • Earned the [Award Name] Award for outstanding performance in [Year].
  • Increased sales [Number]% over [Timeframe].
  • Used Microsoft Excel to develop inventory tracking spreadsheets.

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