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By | December 7, 2018

Acting is a stream that is dreamt by everyone. And certainly it is a kind of job that anyone can love. And if it is a job, there must be a resume for this kind of job as well. Hence, while writing a resume for job in the acting field, you need to emphasize certain points and avoid few mistakes that are normally made by everyone.

To begin with, the first thing that you need to highlight in your resume is previous projects that you have worked on. Whether it is small short film or any type of project, mentioning your previous experience shows the amount of experience you have in this field. The more the experiences are, the higher the chances of you being selected.

Next, you also need to mention skills that you have apart from acting. Obviously, a good hold over communication skills adds a plus point in your list. In addition to this, couple of certificates and courses related to the job in concern might also help. Moreover, an internship under the guidance of a veteran in the industry may be cherry on the cake.

Overall, apart from talent, you must also know how to present it to others in the film industry.

116 9th Avenue Southwest
Watertown, South Dakota
[email protected]


Devoted entertainment professional, well trained & skilled in all aspects of performance and theater. Skilled as a singer with far-reaching dance experience. Timely and diligent with memorization skills and eagerness to accept direction and coaching.


Hawk Ridge Elementary

Bachelor’s Degree
Graduated November 2012

Tisch School Of The Arts

Diploma in Acting
Graduated November 2018

Employment History

HBO Production Office

Atlanta, Georgia
January 2015 – Present

  • Landed voice-over and speaking roles in 23 films
  • Portrayed a broad range of emotions with the help of facial expressions, body movements, and gestures
  • Worked together with actors, directors, and playwrights to develop blocking and interpret lines
  • Developed a successful working relation with Star Production
  • Got a supporting role on GOT, ranked 1st in 2017
  • Created theater’s promotional materials and acted as webmaster
  • Incorporated products and advertisers into shows in innovative manners

The Fox Theater Pomona

Pomona, California
February 2013 – December 2014

  • Danced and sang during comedic and dramatic performances
  • Performed with well-known actors, comprising Tom Cruise and Lisa Hayden
  • Worked together with the director and a group of 36 other actors
  • Conveyed every character’s story via body language, speech, and movement
  • Took on various backstage role, including running crew, lights, and box office
  • Styled fellow actors’ hair and own hair prior to performances
  • Rehearsed roles and memorized and studied scripts
  • Coached other staff members on how to enhance segments and provided feedback on the quality of segments

Professional Skills

  • Professional demeanor: Beginner
  • Production support: Competent
  • Fast learner: Beginner
  • Blocking: Beginner
  • Stunts expert: Competent
  • Television and film background: Beginner
  • Can-do attitude: Beginner
  • Memorization skills: Intermediate
  • Stand-in experience: Competent
  • Accepts direction and coaching graciously: Advanced
  • Memorization: Expert
  • Dependable and punctual: Intermediate
  • Comprehensive tech training: Advanced
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills: Intermediate

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