Beginner Model Resume Sample

By | March 13, 2019

Starting a career in modeling might sometime be difficult. Hence, if you have an excellent resume, it can help you a lot and ease the process of getting you hired. This might ease the beginning process of you. Hence, a strong resume is a must for those looking to begin their career in modeling. Here are some tips that you need to follow.

Firstly, your resume must have all the require things. Hence, you need to cut the crap. Educational qualities hardly matter in this field. But, since you are a beginner, you need to mention it. Also, modeling basically depends on your looks. Hence, do mention it. You need to mention your height, skin tone, eye color, hair color, and much more. Adding your photograph may make things easy. You can also do your own photoshoot, which might give you an upper hand.

Also, mention some certificates that you achieved in the related field. Having worked below a veteran or an internship is a booster for you. This will make easy for you to get selected. A good command over your communication will also help a lot.

Having said this and tying all the loose ends, do not forget to mention all these points to get the job as a model.

116 9th Avenue Southwest
Puyallup, Washington
[email protected]


Attractive Fashion and Runway Model bringing [Number] years’ experience in advertising, promotional modeling and high Fashion work.


Hawk Ridge Elementary

Bachelor’s Degree

Graduated November 2012

Employment History

Apple Fashion Island

Beginner Model

Newport Beach, CA

January 2015 – Present

  • Operated [Camera Type] cameras during shooting
  • Managed all stages of video production for [Film Name], from pre-production to post-production
  • Edited an average of [Number] spots each week using [Software Program]
  • Supervised and worked together with vendor studios
  • Announced station breaks and launched shows on the air, public service information, and commercials

Fashion Island


Newport Beach, VIC

February 2013 – December 2014

  • Maintained healthy teeth, hair and skin with proper personal care and appropriate choices
  • Showed up to casting calls, fittings, shows and shoots on time
  • Completed lessons to gain proficiency in [Skill]
  • Acted professional, pleasant and ready to work at all times
  • Monitored production schedules while adhering to assigned budgets
  • Read pins from previous fittings and other professionals to complete changes
  • Instructed proposal team in the use of computer software graphical elements and aesthetic standards

Professional Skills

  • Organizing materials: Beginner
  • Creative design layouts: Competent
  • Vendor relationships: Beginner
  • Superb eye for detail: Beginner
  • Self-motivated work ethic: Intermediate
  • Excellent communication skills: Competent
  • Visual communication principles: Advanced
  • Displaying merchandise: Expert
  • Digital media: Intermediate
  • Print advertising: Advanced
  • Social media expert: Advanced
  • Creating visual art: Intermediate
  • Photo editing : Advanced
  • Excellent leader: Intermediate


  • [Show name] design challenge finalist in [Year].
  • Expanded business by [number]% by [explain changes].
  • Recognized in [publication] for [event or piece].
  • Employee Recognition Award Nominee in [Year].
  • Won [name of award] for [piece].
  • Resolved product issue through consumer testing.
  • Documented and resolved [Issue] which led to [Results].
  • Awarded by [School Name] for increasing class art budget.

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